War Memorial

The war memorial was located adjacent to the south west corner of Oppenheimer and Highbury Roads i.e. across the road from the Jubilee Hall. I remember watching at least two of the memorial gatherings held annually at the monument. It is shameful that the memories of those who were killed in war have been lost by the removal of the monument, which took up so little space. Many thanks to my brother Mark and to Russel Andraos who supplied the following pictures from the M.O.T.H. collection. I have also sketched up a scaled version of the full monument. Lest we forget.

Reference: M.O.T.H collection

The following updated information was supplied by Moth Old Bill Piet Fourie:

“The cenotaph was moved to our MOTH premises (Mills Bomb Shellhole), 1 Ellcock Road, Warner Beach in late 2011 when the land on which it was originally situated, was sold for development. The plinth was no longer being cared for, had become overgrown and continually desecrated. After lengthy negotiations with the new land owners, it was eventually relocated and it now stands proud at the entrance to the Shellhole honouring those men of AECI that died in the two World Wars.”

Reference: Toti-ites – 60 and 70’s Facebook Club

Reference: Rob Willis Collection