Twini village provided a unique setting during my time; whether for the close proximity to the beach and most of the necessary facilities or for the high level of social interaction and other aspects described above.

The lifestyle, for a young boy in those days, was also many worlds away from the current sedentary digital lifestyle.

Paradise fly catcher by Ken Grubb, 30.12.1967

Progress must happen however it is a crying shame that the current development in Twini has totally obliterated all traces of the environmental and heritage value of the place.

Destruction of the village started in 2008, exactly 100 years after the first sod was turned at the factory.

My website provides some knowledge of a place that has almost been written out of history.

Finally my article may hopefully spur others on to record their knowledge and experiences of the Twini of old.

Thanks to Tricia, Gavin, the local Facebook club and others for all the help.

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